BEYOU Weddings. What is it all about?

Hello lovely bride-to-be,

So what is BEYOU Weddings all about?

When I ventured into the bridal hair and makeup industry 5 years ago, I quickly realised the apprehension people had towards getting their makeup done professionally... I was constantly coming across brides and bridesmaids who had had makeup done before which they hated. The most common complaints being that it just ‘didn’t feel like them’. And it just got me thinking about why this is happening?

I think with Pinterest and Instagram there is a lot of confusion now. Brides-to-be are being overloaded with inspiration and ideas (myself included) and it can be really tricky to navigate what you actually like and what is truly YOU’.

This is why I created BEYOU Weddings. An experience where brides know they will get a look that looks and feels perfectly like THEM.

So today I would like to remind all modern brides to be out there of the following things…


Wear natural ‘barely there’ makeup on your wedding day... (if you don’t like wearing much why force it and feel uncomfortable)


Rock a bold lip for the ceremony OR add it on for the evening look - have fun with it!


Stick to wearing your hair down because that’s just what you’re used to (there is no need to force an up do if that doesn’t feel like YOU)


Be 100% unapologetically YOU. Don’t put pressure on yourself to be absolutely ‘perfect‘, because what even is perfect? Just #beyou and feel incredible in what ever style you love and feels comfortable for you ✨


Love, Pipa x