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Wedding hair and makeup for the modern bride.

Wedding hair and makeup for the modern bride.

What happens if you aren’t available for my wedding day due to sickness?

I’m grateful to say that I’ve never had to cancel on a brides wedding day for any reason, and although this cannot be 100% guaranteed, If this situation was to arise, I would do my absolute best to find an alternative artist who could cover for me on your wedding day. I know plenty of talented artists who I could call on to step in on a last minute basis with a similar style to me, including my own pro assistants who I’ve trained personally.

This is another important reason why it’s important for you to have your hair and makeup trial, because if this was to happen I would be able to send all the photos, plus all of the product information and notes, to the day saving artist!

Should I get semi permanent lash extensions or LVL?

Many of my brides ask me about this. In my personal opinion I like to use false individual lashes on all of my clients as I then have the control to tailor them to the look you are wanting.

So with that being said, I generally advise against semi - permanent lashes. I often find that even if a bride has the treatment done, I end up filling in gaps with individual false lashes anyway. This is because the semi permanent lashes only adhere to the lashes that already exist, so if your lashes are quite sparse naturally, the gaps will still be there.

LVL is also slightly tricky and can cause problems when applying false lashes. The treatment perms the lashes straight up, and it makes it difficult to apply individual lashes without them looking really quite un-natural.

However, If you’re set on not wanting to wear lashes I would 100% advise opting for LVL treatment, the effect of it is BEAUTIFUL and does the least damage to your natural lashes.

Do you offer airbrush makeup?

I don’t - I think the art of it is amazing, however I personally like to work in a more tactile way using my brushes and hands. You can still create a beautiful flawless finish with traditional makeup application even if you have problem skin.

If airbrush makeup is something you are truly set on, I would be more than happy to recommend artists to you who do offer this service.

What is in your hair and makeup kit?

My hair and makeup kit consists of so many various brands. My professional makeup includes Estee Lauder, IT Cosmetics, Bobbi Brown, Becca, Charlotte Tilbury, Mac, Hourglass, Yves Saint Laurent, By Terry and so many more! I don’t work with just one brand of makeup as different brands are better at different things..

My hair kit has firm favourites from Bumble and Bumble, Kenra Professional, Wella, Fudge and Maria Nila.

What is the wedding morning process like?

On the wedding morning I’ll arrive around 15-20 mins before our start time so that I find the spot with the best light and set up all of my kit. I’ll have sent you a schedule in an email before the day and will also bring a printed version along so you and your bridal party can keep track amongst all the fun. 

I usually set a finishing time for 30 minutes before you need to leave, giving you time to get into your dress, cheers some prosecco with your girls and take a few pictures. However this may change depending on whether you have a dress with a trillion dainty buttons, have a registrar appointment or need to factor in time to travel to your venue.

Once you’re in your dress and you’re ready to leave I will do one last touch up which includes lips and some powder or a setting spray. I’ll also help attach your veil if you’re having one and show your mum or most trusted bridesmaid how they can safely remove it.

You can then leave me to tidy and pack away my kit! That’s it, it really is a lovely morning :)

Can I book a trial in before securing you for my date?

You can of course book a trial date in before securing your date with a deposit. 

If you do decide to do it this way however you may find that another bride enquires before you have the chance to have your trial. If this happens, 24 hours will be issued on your pencilled date and you will then have the chance to secure your date first. 

If no one enquires on the mean time, I kindly ask you to let me know 24 hours after your trial whether you would like to go ahead and secure with me.


I hope these questions and answers have helped you! If you have any further questions please either check out the FAQ’s page or pop me an email, I’m more than happy to help.

Love, Pipa x